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  • Kayla photo1) Kayla Rodgers served as an Intercultural Aide for the Office of Cultural & Acedemic Transitions (OCAT), a student leadership opportunity in the residence halls:
  • LGBT Rainbow Flag2) This Rainbow flag symbolizes lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride. Learn about LBGT issues at the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender Resource Center:
  • Chinese Text3) Make a friend from another country who can read this written Chinese text. Check out the Office of International Students & Scholars:
  • Piotr and Dedrick photo4) Piotr and Dedrick are student leaders from MSU’s diverse student communities. Check out MSU’s 650 registered student organizations at:
  • Falafel Sandwich5) Ever tried a falafel sandwich? Check out the cultural culinary offerings at MSU’s dining halls and at Sparty’s convenience stores:
  • African Mask6) This African mask can be found amongst many other treasured cultural artifacts at the MSU Museum:
  • French Baguette, Indian Textile, Mexican Candle7) Learn first-hand about the French baguette, Indian patterned textiles, and Mexican candles by studying abroad. Check out the Office of Study Abroad:
  • Mult Racial Unity photo8) At MSU, there many opportunities to talk with students different from yourself. Discover what these students know about Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience (MRULE):
  • Celtic knot9) Interested in Celtic culture? Learn about the myriad of cultural learning opportunities from the different academic course offerings:
  • Women's Resource Center photo10) How do friendships between women differ from men? Learn about this and other women’s issues at the Women’s Resource Center:
  • Jimmy and Nolan using American Sign Language11) Jimmy and Nolan communicate using American Sign Language. To learn more about the diversity of disabilities, check out Resource Center for People with Disabilities:
  • Ceramic Plate with Flowers12) Beautiful cultural artifacts and diverse peoples abound at MSU. Experience this richness of diversity at Mosaic: The Multicultural Unity Center:


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    The Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience (MRULE) offers students in Residence Halls and beyond opportunities to increase knowledge and understanding of what they can do to contribute to positive race relations in their lives and their communities. It provides students from all backgrounds a unique forum to come together. Through open and frank discussions on controversial issues, informative presentations, interactive exercises and a variety of experiences that encourage the development of genuine friendships, students create and cultivate the experience of multiracial unity. They learn through action the concept of unity and diversity, while developing leadership skills that give them an edge on working and thriving in diverse environments.

  • Resources from Live It! brochure here

    Take a look through this resource guide to find the support you need to be successful by connecting you’re own communities on campus, and also start building your portfolio of experiences that demonstrate your commitment to Connect with Respect. Talk to your Academic Advisor and go to Career Services for information on course and internships that enhance your learning about yourself and others.